Medical and Dental Devices

The Chicago area is a hub for the development of new scientific technologies for the Medical and Dental Device industries. At Franklin Automation we are well-versed on the subject of such technologies, and are committed to doing all that we can to improve the automation behind the manufacture, assembly, and shipping of Medical and Dental Devices. Because these devices save and improve lives everyday, we know that the design and manufacture of the machines that build such devices leave no room for error.

Here at Franklin Automation, we apply a systematic approach providing the latest in automation design to produce state-of-the-art machinery that can assemble, test, and inspect new Medical and Dental Device products. With numerous installations throughout the United States, Franklin is able to deliver and support a wide range of clients with specialized machinery including but not limited to the following:

– Oral Foam Swab Assembly Machines
– Suction Handle/Valve Assembly Machines
– Suction Handle Adapter Assembly Machines
– Pacemaker Battery Contact Assembly Machines
– Needle Assembly Machines
– Needle Packaging Machines
– Electric Toothbrush Head Assembly Machines
– Disposable Prophy Angle Assembly Machines

There are many reasons manufacturers of Medical and Dental Devices have relied on Franklin Automation for more than 25 years; but none is more important than experience. You make the right choice coming to Franklin with your challenge, because there’s a good chance we’ve tackled something similar before and solved it.