Brush Machinery

brush machinery

One of the most specialized and diverse manufacturing industries in the world is the brush making and brush machinery industry. A recent survey taken by the ABMA (American Brush Manufacturing Association) concluded that the average American household has 38 brushes! Such brushes include toothbrushes, toilet brushes, dish brushes, floor brooms, shoe brushes, work shop brushes, paint brushes and car brushes just to name a few; the list goes on and on.

Franklin Automation’s roots come from the brush making and more specifically brush machinery industry so we know the challenges faced by brush manufacturers very well. If you have a special brush or brush related product that cannot be produced or packaged on standard available equipment; please give us a call and we’d be very happy to look into developing automation to improve your current brush machinery and overall brush manufacturing operation. With numerous installations throughout the United States, Franklin is able to deliver and support a wide range of clients with specialized brush machinery including but not limited to the following:

– Broom handle feeding and processing systems
– Angle broom assembly, packaging and cartoning machines
– Pencil brush machines
– Electric toothbrush head assembly machines
– Toilet brush rim cleaner assembly machines
– Twisted wire brush forming and assembly machines
– Custom trimming and finishing brush machines
– Custom brush machines using standard available tufting heads and tooling

There are many reasons brush manufacturers have relied on Franklin Automation for more than 25 years for customized brush machinery solutions; but none is more important than experience. You make the right choice coming to Franklin with your challenge, because there’s a good chance we’ve tackled something similar before, and solved it.