Integrated Packaging Systems

When higher volume products are produced, manufacturers often are also responsible for packaging those products. In these instances it may make sense to automate and link the production machinery to an integrated packaging system. At Franklin Automation, we have experience designing, building and integrating Transfer and Handling Systems with a wide range of integrated packaging systems including:

– Horizontal Form, Fill, Seal and Cut Ridged Blister Pack machines
– Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Pouch Machines
– Horizontal Flow Wrappers
– Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machines
– Tape and Reel Machines
– Cartoning Machines

It is critical when linking custom assembly and feeding lines with integrated packaging systems to ensure a steady reliable flow of product from the production line to the packaging equipment. At Franklin Automation we have experience with synching continuous running equipment together with indexing type equipment, orientating product for packaging, inspecting product for packaging and sorting product for packaging. Our engineers work together with manufacturers of the production line and integrated packaging systems to ensure that all systems communicate together providing efficient system start-up and recovery procedures as well as alternate product flow scenarios if any machine is down for maintenance.

There are many reasons Packaging Companies have relied on Franklin Automation for more than 25 years; but none is more important than experience. You make the right choice coming to Franklin with your challenge, because there’s a good chance we’ve tackled something similar before, and solved it.

integrated packaging systems
integrated packaging systems