Workstation Assembly Systems

Franklin Automaton has extensive experience designing and building Single Station Assembly and Test machines for various applications across a number of industry sectors.

Single Station machines are generally manual or semi-automatic in operation and require an operator to carry out the majority of Part Loading operations. Single Station machines incorporate ergonomically designed Nest Tooling into which component parts are loaded. Once parts are loaded, the operator initiates the machine cycle at which time required assembly and/or test modules activate to complete the required process. Once finished, a parts marking system is often included to indicate that the assembly is good and has passed all inspections.

The format of Single Station Machines is driven by customer’s requirements. Semi-auto assembly fixtures can be placed side by side together with semi-auto test stations all on a Single Station Assembly/Test Machine so that assembly and testing operate concurrently. Back-to-back duel Single Station Assembly and Test Machines allow for common use of PLC control systems and provide a more compact footprint. Poka yoke functionality is also commonly incorporated into Single Station Machines to ensure that only correct parts can be loaded and good assemblies removed from the Fixture. Sensors are used to ensure that incorrect parts cannot be processed and failing assemblies are physically locked into their tooling nests until a supervisor is notified.

Single Station Assembly and Test Machines are a cost effective solution for producing lower volume products efficiently, accurately and error free.