Laser Marking Systems

Whether for decorative purposes, component traceability, or reject parts identification, permanent part marking is often a mandatory process in manufacturing today. Lasers provide a non-contact engraving method that ensures flawless character definition and depth from the first serial number to the last, regardless of material hardness. Furthermore, Laser marking systems are reliable and rugged, simple to program and cost less than one dollar per hour to operate.

A sampling of Laser applications include Identification Text, Serial Numbers, Corporate Logos, 2-D Data Matrix, Bar Coding, Graphic and Digital Images just to name a few.

Franklin Automation has integrated both CO2 and YAG style Lasers into production systems with applications for various industries. We’ve integrated Laser marking into fully automatic production systems as well as stand-alone CNC marking, engraving and/or cutting machines. Our experience ensures that we meet a range of safety regulations and industry standards so you can rest assure that your laser marking application will be safe and efficient.

Franklin Automation Laser Marking