Franklin Automation Automotive

One of the world’s most important economic sectors, the automotive industry has long been a major consumer of automated machinery. In fact, automotive companies around the world have historically been among the biggest customers for manufacturers of automation in both size and complexity of machines ordered as well as in frequency of orders placed.

As in any production and assembly process, automated machinery can help drive down costs and improve product quality when implemented in the production process of cars, trucks and other automotive related products. Franklin Automation designs and manufactures automated machines to fulfill a range of applications within the automotive industry including the following categories:

– Multi-Station Assembly and Testing Machines
– Single Station Assembly and Testing Machines
– Insert Molding Feeding Automation
– Insert Molding Post Mold Testing Machines

With numerous installations throughout the United States, Franklin is able to deliver and support a wide range of clients with specialized machinery including but not limited to the following:

– Head Gasket Assembly Machines
– Door Handle Assembly Machines
– Electrical Component Insert Molding Automation
– Class A Surface Body Part Assembly Machines
– Diesel Exhaust Cooling System Assembly Machines
– Head Rest Post Assembly Systems
– Seat Belt component Assembly Machines
– Suspension Components Assembly Machines and Presses

There are many reasons manufacturers of Automotive Components have relied on Franklin Automation for more than 25 years; but none is more important than experience. You make the right choice coming to Franklin with your challenge, because there’s a good chance we’ve tackled something similar before and solved it.
With a focus on design perfection, we are an ideal manufacturer for robotics with automotive applications that require the precision and high-levels of repeatability to minimize defects in a precise, high-volume, cost-sensitive space.