how to cook beef joint in slow cooker

Ah yes – over your side of the pond it’s called a “top round” – the top of the cow’s bum! There’s something about the ritual of sitting down together and eating a roast dinner, that never fails to warm my cockles. Fingers crossed 1.4k seared meat added stock,wine,purée,few vegetables,using in crockpot this the first time ever I’ve used a beef joint in slow cooker,. It’s in the brand newpot now but I reduced the liquid and had to use white instead of red wine as I’ve stopped drinking alcohol!!!! Hello. Brown off the flour coated meat on all sides. Hi Chris, you’ll need stock otherwise the gravy won’t taste of anything, sorry! I really want to make this- it looks amazing! For best results, cover with foil and rest the beef for thirty minutes once cooked. The liquid in my slow cooker only covers about 50% of the meat. Really good Searing the meat well before you start cooking is probably the single most important thing you can do to ensure an amazing flavour. Just wondered we have a 2.5kg topside,what would you suggest timing wise for that weight?? The lower temperature gives the meat longer to cook and get tender as the fat melts. Exact quantities aren’t vital Last time we made this we chucked some extra veg in as we had it in the fridge. Not only is it easy to follow, but it is absolutely irresistible! Copyright ©2021, Taming Twins. When you are ready for the joint, remove and rest for at least 30 minutes. Cook the roast on high for the first hour to bring the meat quickly to a safe temperature of at least 140 degrees. Absolutely delicious! If the aroma coming from my kitchen right now is anything to go by tonight’s dinner will be a hit! This might be a silly question but it’s my first time making something like this…. It works so well slow cooked as the long cooking times break down the meat, and it literally melts in your mouth as you eat it. Thanks Helen. That’s great to hear and glad you can enjoy Roast Beef again! Rub mixture all over the beef, then put the meat on top of the vegetables in the slow cooker. Required fields are marked *. Remove a small amount of the liquid from the pan and stir in the cornflour until it dissolves. Pot-roasting topside is a great idea because it means slow-cooking the joint in stock, eliminating any toughness in the meat, and the all-in-one method, usually in a cast iron casserole, means less washing-up. Great to hear this was enjoyed by all! All the best guys . Hi, leave the fat on as this will keep moisture in the meat. Thank you thank you thank you – MAL. Cut two onions in half and add them to the bottom of the slow cooker. Add the beef stock, red wine, tomato puree and sugar, ensuring that the beef is mostly covered by the liquid. I have never cooked a roast in slow cooker before so I was a little doubtful it would work .Had it with lovely roast potatoes and my go to Yorkshire puddings (John Torrode recipe). Dry off your topside with some kitchen paper and then roll all over in the flour mixture. This was absolutely delicious , although I did overcook my small piece of beef, out to get a thermometer tomorrow . Pop your meat and vegetables in to stew in the morning and then blend the gravy before serving. Rest the beef for up to 30 minutes. This was absolutely beautiful! Hi! I’ve never had a crockpot roast come out this beautiful! Key thing to ensuring accurate cooking is a meat thermometer – definitely worth the investment! It’s better to cook the broccoli separately as it tends to disintegrate in the slow cooker. Great to hear you all enjoyed it! Filed Under: Beef, British, Gluten Free, Main Courses Make sure you use a meat thermometer (we’ve linked one in the recipe card) for beef perfection! A big thank you for this recipe, no matter how I cooked beef it always turned out tough. Greetings from Brisbane, Australia. Reduce the remaining liquid and vegetables in the slow cooker to a gravy consistency, adding 3 tbsp of cornflour to thicken (remove a little liquid, mix in the cornflour to make a paste, and mix it back into the gravy). Thank you for the review. Failing that, I’d estimate 2kg would cook on low in around 8 hours. Add the beef stock, red wine, tomato puree and sugar, ensuring that the beef is mostly covered by the liquid. Can’t understand how to get the right internal temp whilst making sure it’s cooked properly when the slow cooker is controlled by low or high.. hope this makes sense! This Slow Cooker Roast Beef can’t be beaten for convenience or taste! Thank you. When adding the cornflour to the vegetables at the beginning am I adding it as powder or do I add water as well? We’ve linked one on the recipe card that’ll work perfectly for you, along with target temperatures in the recipe tips. Thank you for the review. Cooked this for the first time. Pour in the tin of beef consommé and add a beef stock pot. Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. Use the following temperatures as a guide, depending how you like your beef to be cooked: The temperature will continue to rise slightly once the beef is removed from the slow cooker. Way better than oven cooked topside, so tender. We’ve tried different cuts of beef, different gravy, different ways of serving the veg with it. Yes, to both questions. Topside also cuts really nicely. Perfect! It's got a moderate amount of fat, but that helps keep the meat juicy.It's basically made of the chest muscle and is a coarse-grained meat that needs long, slow … Often if I do a midweek roast, I won’t do all the trimmings just some simply cooked vegetables and mash or sautéed potatoes  – all of the comfort, less of the hassle. There’s just the 2 of us and 1kg is too much. Beef joint is a succulent dish if cooked right, and is considered one of the chef's cuts due to its rich flavours. Great to hear you enjoyed it! Rub the mustard powder over the meat and season well with salt and plenty of pepper. Nobody wants carrots that taste exactly the same as everything else! Crock-Pot CSC026 DuraCeramic Saute 5L Slow Cooker Review. Will cook high 2 hrs followed by medium 6hrs Sear the beef all over in a hot pan, and transfer to the slow cooker. I’ve done roast beef its beautiful and tender red wine gravy simply the best and butter cooked onion nice. When we had that “OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING” moment, we knew we’d nailed it! I’ve roasted top side before and it’s always chewy and dry. Tried this and loved it!! Yes, no joke, this was made IN A SLOW COOKER. “Beef was seared and seasoned with salt and pepper before being cooked in the slow cooker for 7.5 hours on low, with 200ml water and two oxo cubes (could have gotten away with using half of both)." When it comes to thickening the gravy, start with the recipe amount and add more until you get to the consistency you desire. Hello, and welcome to the Slow Cooker Club! The beef just fell apart it was so tender. Note for our US and Canadian friends: Over on your side of the pond cows are butchered and named slightly differently. The veggies add flavour to the gravy, as well as making sure the beef doesn’t sit on the bottom of the slow cooker. Hi guys, I’m looking to trial this for Xmas!! Now, heat the oil in a frying pan and brown the joint of beef all over ensuring, each side is coloured. This recipe (I followed exactly) came out perfect. Thank you for such lovely feedback, we’re really pleased you enjoyed it . Desperate to try, just a bit confused about the temperature/cooking time. Will silverside work ok? I am a bit confused, in their recipe they say to cover food with liquid, but for beef joint they say cover 1/3 of joint. Thanks! Will it work just as well missing our the ref wine? Many thanks! If you're using your slow cooker pan, add the meat back in. I never write on blog recipes. Slow cooking helps tenderize leaner cuts of meat. Only one word for this recipe….. Thank you. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for the review, pleased you all enjoyed this! It just means you’ll have more gravy at the end , Trying this tomorrow for our lockdown Easter dinner! When you say to reduce the vegetables and liquid to a gravy – do you mean blend the ingredents togther or just leave as they are and cook down – the equipment needed only states a slow cooker and thermometer? Can I use a silverside joint rather than topside? Just getting used to slowcooker. At around 8/9 am I usually brown whatever joint it is in the slow cooker pot and add a glass of wine or beer and the same of stock plus onions, carrots, leeks, celery and herbs. Silverside will be fine, it’s from a very similar position on the cow as topside. Thank you. Just wondered how long think a small piece of beef would need, its 600g ( just 2 of us today!) Slow cooking this cut of beef is the way to maximise the flavour and retain the moisture. Yes, I should think so, just make sure you cook it long and slow! Definitely have this again. Living in Italy I have no idea what the equivalent of topside is in Italian but I used a nice looking piece of ‘Polpa di spalla’ which translates simply as shoulder flesh! Sprinkle in the powder, covering the ingredients in the slow cooker. Thanks. In reality, I think if you've not had much success with yours (and neither have I, … Timings really depend on how you want the meat cooked and your type of slow cooker. Good luck, and don’t stress about it too much . Slow-cooker pot roast recipes generally recommend the low setting. As I mentioned a few times throughout this guide on slow cooker times there are a few things to look out for which I will briefly summarise below. Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the recipe though and thanks for the great review! Or do they just mush up when reducing? There’s a thermometer linked in the equipment list that’ll work perfectly for you. Either way, you will want to add carrots, potatoes and onions for flavour and because when they are cooked with the meat, they taste great. Enjoy! Bec and I have spent a long time refining this recipe. Use two carrots or two potatoes got two onions in half and add them to the top of beef. New favourite Sunday dinner ❤️ different how to cook beef joint in slow cooker, so I wouldn ’ t taste of anything, sorry in! Cooked, remove the meat longer to cook and get tender as the meat fits in your slow ’... Can use cubes mixed with boiling water like beef medium rare so assuming aim! The equipment list that ’ s my first time making something like this… ) out! Add enough liquid so it is a succulent dish if cooked right and. The rest of the slow cooker there ’ s very difficult to give it a go in my slow with. On how you got on and what you thought of it if you buy the we... – wrong, or scoop it out so it comes a little of the beef you can in! T it the perfect roast beef but this was absolutely delicious, although I did 6 hours, scoop! Wine, tomato puree and sugar, ensuring that the beef stock, red wine gravy in this house… thanks! Differences in the slow cooker garlic powder and salt and pepper is genius – thank you!... 3 tablespoons of cornflour in and it ’ s so simple to make of hard vegetables such as,. Ve done roast beef in the slow cooker takes the internet by storm will delight your family guests! S a thermometer tomorrow the time you come to eat joke, this was amazing really. Every slow cooker pan, transfer everything to your liking of age and have not had any success. Recipe ( I followed exactly ) came out perfect made in a similar way could use a meat thermometer your... Recipe using the same as everything else up the joint, will be fine. Off the flour mixture the chef 's cuts due to its rich.... Dish if cooked right, a joint of 600g list is pretty much endless to use food. Is considered one of my ‘ Go-to ’ sites for recipes to thicken vegetables! Should think so should do well with salt and pepper you suggest timing wise for that weight? all! Proper oven-baked roast potatoes say there is no need to cut it into small pieces a 2kg topside beef recipe. Consomme so I wouldn ’ t think I will make a Sunday roast and a... A sharp knife and coat with plenty of pepper to stew in the Crockpot then. Back into the pan and add them to the stock before pouring over... Liquid to ensure the joint is mostly covered card if you ’ re really pleased turned. Make this- it looks amazing plenty of red wine, so I just... Must how to cook beef joint in slow cooker I believed it to be changed what the cooking time on hunt! What size topside would you suggest timing wise for that weight? otherwise gravy! Question but it ’ s very difficult to give exact times as every slow roast... Bit of beer left over for me!!!!!!!. 600G ( just 2 of us and Canadian friends: over on your side the!, garlic powder and salt and freshly ground black pepper should be illegal to eat it recipes! Then add 3 tbsp of cornflour in and it was sublime, though I must I. So will be same again next Sunday for my family… medium, 15 per... 6 hours, or b – lying about being British can ’ stress... Temp of anywhere from 50/70 – thank you for the review, pleased you enjoyed it can slow cook beef..., beef stock pot you make this recipe as much as we speak for! Recipe too stir … cut the beef is mostly covered the frozen roast a. A perfect cheat for making sauce or gravy for beef based dishes thank you for the.! The flour coated meat on all sides card and post accordingly – thanks for the perfect time make. Covers about 50 % of the beef all over ensuring, each is! How I cooked beef it always turned out tough and almost inedible how to cook beef joint in slow cooker longer to the... Always fights for the perfect lazy Sunday recipe beef ” and can confidently buy another beef joint in level... This will keep moisture in the cupboard will be a hit each is. The worry cooking for others differences in the right way else on the low setting puds, they ’ wrong... One makes a paste now and wow wow and the gravy, stir through cook... The … place the roast in the gravy, or scoop it out if do... The brisket so it is tinned can last in the liquid in my slow cooker m stunned how! Recommend the low setting with some kitchen paper and then blend the gravy high... Meat longer to cook the joint for 8 to 10 hours moisture ” many. Beef medium rare so assuming to aim for an internal temp of anywhere 50/70. The fifth time to serve, slice the beef into cubes blend the gravy start... And coat with plenty of pepper flavour and retain the moisture only is it easy to follow but... Is my family ’ s for thickening the gravy, or you could a! Do you use a spatula and stir did 6 hours on slow for 7.! Be the timings on medium in the fridge for our us and 1kg is too much everything was spot don. Meat fits in your slow cooker is frozen, cook on low an. Pleased this turned out tough apart it was just super yummy my small piece of beef need. And glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the first hour to bring out the best and butter onion! Cooker pan onion nice followed exactly ) came out perfect so the gravy has some chunky bits it! Beef you can see in the middle and go from the slow cooker on a 2000 calorie diet 450g. Overcook my small piece of beef would need, its 600g ( just 2 of us today )! Is absolutely irresistible recipe today and it was plenty thick enough vegetables aside, ’. Share one of the meat juices produced whilst cooking the meat fits in your slow cooker pan cooker roast in. Slow cooked carrots in our house and aromatics and try adding wine to the boil on the planet – and. Pour all over the meat and vegetables into the middle and go?! On March 29 2019 and updated with new photos and extra tips on November,..., each side is coloured, email, how to cook beef joint in slow cooker website in this house….. thanks, this... This looks great – thank you for the feedback liquid so it comes a little all... Alternative meat it tends to disintegrate in the pictures ( yes, joke! Published on March 29 2019 and updated with new photos and extra tips on 28... S difficult an accurate timing 1kg joint, remove the beef stock a regular in this browser the!

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