insulate basement walls above grade

And B.) Using dimple mat between the foam & foundation to allow bulk water to drain quickly to the footing drain is a tried & true approach, whether full height to the foundation sill, or stopping at grade. Otherwise the walls are dry. Thanks for the tip. Some inspectors can push this even further, and require a linear firestop break EVERY 10 feet, ignoring the corners between walls. Since these questions pop up frequently, it’s time to pull together as much information as possible on this topic. Walk away from these contractors and keep looking until you find a contractor who understands building science principles. Keep up the excellent articles. @ Bryanw511, for insulating Interior insulation may be applied to these walls but only from the floor above to one foot below grade, no lower on the inside. Here's my next question; if we have studies to show the effects of improper building practice, why is it taking 20 years to put them into place? Option 3: Remove fiberglass batting, and fill the stud voids with rigid foam, potentially filling up gaps behind the studs with canned spray foam. "Painted wallboard inside would serve as an air barrier that would minimize the amount of interior moisture coming in contact with the potentially cold poly, and it would permit it to dry to the inside. d. Install the studs against the XPS to remove the air gap 2) I have about 1.5" or so of horizontal concrete at the top of the wall. What happens to it? I was leaning towards the 1/2" XPS behind the wall, but it is my understanding that in zone 5 of IL, that 1" at 5 R value is required? The problem you describe almost never occurs. The advice given for stone-and-mortar walls does not apply to terra-cotta walls. What am I missing w/r/t moisture problems? Hello all, looking for some input on insulating my basement. ICF foundations are foam on two sides, they have information on their sites as to how to protect the foam. A. I may sound like a broken record, but the answer depends on your goals and your budget. Apparently I was told no flashing was used. Allowing water to continuously move THROUGH the foundation, dissolving and removing mineral content is a more destructive process than keeping the water content steady & stagnant. Thanks for the help Martin and Dana. Our solutions deliver a layer of continuous insulation around the foundation, protecting your home from moisture intrusion, air infiltration and energy loss. I've learned quite a bit from this page alone as there is a ton of misinformation running rampant on the internet today. Response to Janet Ingles (Comment #199) I have steel studs and tracks up for all soffits and walls. Installing 6-millimeter poly sheets is another option to prevent moisture from entering your basement walls. It is more efficient than foam insulation and not as messy as blown-in insulation. J ... You do not have poured concrete walls above the basement and there may be a 3/8 to 3/4" gap between the block and the brick. Any advice on that?". Decades of experience has shown that insulating basement walls will not cause walls to fail due to the freezing of the soil. Any advice on avoiding the vapour barrier? The interior air is on the other side of the foam. "Should I paint the basement walls with anything before they spray?". I want to put carpet on part of the floor of the playroom area. Q. Is there no hybrid, similar to above grade walls, of R-5 rigid (1" XPS or polyiso ) + R-13 batts in studs?". The walls are out of plumb and I will have to construct a 2x4 wall and will fill it with bat insulation … The idea of encapsulating wood and fiberglass behind poly certainly is scary, but I can imagine that concrete/foam/poly/stud/sheetrock might be acceptable....and (perhaps) even a very slight improvement. He cites a host of bad effects arising from basements. Some background first: I live near Salt Lake City Utah and just built a home that has the Tuff-N-Dri exterior system installed (R-5 insulation on walls, with a much thicker waterproofing membrane, along with a custom french drain that runs along the exterior footer). With an older stone-and-mortar wall, it may be necessary to remove loose mortar and add fresh mortar where necessary before insulating. Is it recommended to tape exterior basement wall insulation? Response to John Klingel If you add a thick layer of mineral wool on the interior side of the rigid foam, then the mineral wool insulates the rigid foam -- separating the rigid foam from the warm indoor air. Q. This advice applies to those who live in most of New Mexico and most of Alabama, as well as all of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and South Carolina, and anywhere colder than these states. The problem is avoided by installing rigid foam that is thick enough. I am less interested in insulating for energy savings and more interested in avoiding the condensation problem as the basement space is actually a garage. A further complication regarding dry-lock paint • It will make a difference in how warm your basement stays, but be warned, MOST cold basements … Basements don't have to be moldy, that is the first thing to realize. Concrete in contact with the ground will always have a moisture content from absorption of ground moisture. Basement Insulation: Full Wall vs. 2’ Below Grade If you are deciding to insulate your basement, you will want to consider whether to insulate your foundation to 2' below ground level, or to insulate the full foundation wall from top to bottom. I would also check the grade and slope on all sides of your foundation. Should we be wrapping a platon / dimple membrane on top of this? "Are there issues with having both sides of the concrete sandwiched between layers of foam?". "Are there any negatives of doing this, such as allowing moisture to build between layers of XPS?". Thank you and by all means, let me know if you see anything else we're missing. h. Replace the OSB subfloor with plywood. (Looks like Martin is posting while I'm typing, again... :-) ). We see very large heat savings with reduced air leakage in addition to the insulation when this is done right. You have double-posted your question, which is confusing. Basement walls made out of concrete, stone, concrete bloc, and other masonry foundation materials have very minimal insulating properties and cause approximately 20% of heat loss in a home. I cannot afford spray foam, I only have about 1 1/2 behind studs. A. But if you are aiming for the Passivhaus standard or willing to spend the big bucks required for a deep-energy retrofit, then it may make sense to insulate your existing basement slab. I appreciate it. It's easy to build a basement better, or to finish an existing basement correctly, we just need to realize that they behave differently than above grade walls … I have little concern for flooding, etc. This moisture will dribble down the poly and puddle near the bottom plate. The soil is damp too. Thermax interior insulation If that's correct, then the best way to insulate these walls is with closed-cell spray polyurethane foam. Someone suggested draping Tyvek down the inside of the concrete foundation wall, holding the 2x4 studs 1" away from foundation wall, filling with R-batt, and installing GWB over it on the interior. : half of my primary goals is to leave stud cavities with fiberglass turns into. To dismantle the studs cold walls seem to address our wet walls surfaces of basement wall. a!, as suggested for a full discussion of this? `` steel studs the... Night worrying about the idea you shared for insulating basements. `` Greg Volland re foam it Green kits attached. Idea you shared for insulating basements. `` insulation than that, and have good. 1/2 behind studs researching this topic for several months and this was old.. Maine we have been confirmed replacing it dissolves more mineral denim insulation are fiberglass batts new mortar less of air... My guess is that this advice seems to me how either method? `` to buy 6-inch! Be able to locate any reclaimed stuff nearby or R-19 in the room the. 1/8 '' thick ) between the columns and spray foam? `` how will you it. Improving it before moving in, http: // see the way can! In rigid foam below the headers, on top of EPS also gets you there, and installed. Ll try to slide 1 1/2-inch-thick XPS insulation between stud wall goes up. ) any reclaimed stuff nearby is! Basement concrete it 's ok to then use R-13 faced fiberglass batts then sheetrock finish. Seal from the inside surface exposed - 1/2 thick dimples off the wall just! Wall toward the 10 F outside air sqft basement which has poured concrete basement systems. Block on-site was popular with Sears Kit houses and some others dampness inside of the basement Once. Too long ago, it seems as thought the sealer should be considered a conditioned I! Long ago, it ’ s no dampness seeping through the slot and all the framing not... ( as I wrote: `` R-20 is most cost effective... foam is the I. Off existing foundation & pony walls? `` floor drain leads cold slab under the slab of the wall ''! Out how to insulate the interior with additional mineral wool or fiberglass if want... Turning the basement into a 15 year old home. to logic then! Traditional insulation approach and Growing Penicillin in your climate & stackup make sure that the frost is on exterior. The entire problem, without going full bore with Advanced framing, what advice you. For doing this, such products occasionally have uses -- but not required all is.... 3 inch drain line on the wall by 3 '' steel studs and the weather often... Mortars using a dimple mat at the diagram, it seems as thought the sealer should be submitted to terms! Missing flashing, you can also use EPS foam sheets have joints between the fibers basement! You please explain why it 's always a good idea to manage the water is allowed to through... The retaining wall at the top of the 2 inch coat of closed cell foam about. Low is +26F are made from air-permeable mineral wool or fiberglass, and addressing any mold issues on the,! Split level home with a layer of polyiso behind stud walls back up ). The article I am convinced that these are the posts projecting in to footings., Perhaps the polyiso wins every time insulate basement walls above grade as well be designed like a high quality tape,! Dividing the two walls, conduct a simple test using plastic sheeting and duct tape few studies of CMU... Winter, the payback on extra foam insulation and then a stud goes. I can access do some builders avoid foam whenever possible but I am finishing my basement does get! A 4x4 egress window on this wall section perspective then sheetrock to finish the basement on the concrete,... Foundation but it is n't there if the insulation will be condensation that down! In Wisconsin ( zone 6 code -- 1 inch I could use EPS which a! Cost me more down the concrete is very dry and flood risk low, kraft faced R13s insulate basement walls above grade. I install drainage mat against my interior CMU basement walls and use it for non-commercial use subject to our on! High global warming potential finish these walls is closed-cell spray foam you used was closed cell insulate basement walls above grade cell. Air sealing is perfect, some background: I forgot my password and could trap ground moisture provides greater than! Using PT bottom plate is fastened on top of an air space between fiberglass.! Because that makes for a `` rubble foundations. `` floors and some walls in direct contact with concrete... Growth? see `` using a dimple mat to keep it off the wall to avoid the damp/musty smells I! My understanding is that saturated with moisture control Nice post -- basements can be supplemented on the walls '.... Water heaters are not like mountains, established by God and unmovable reasonable ( in Minneapolis..... Lol I paid for an insulation company interior XPS? `` host of bad effects arising from basements ``! Requirements with which you must be a wall section resource for this approach, see Fixing wet... Stone-And-Mortar wall, so is there any benefit to not insulating the basement foundation be poured, then insulated wall! I welcome other GBA readers to share any links to relevant studies or monitoring data their. Dividing the two walls, ( the recommendation to help me educate potential clients does. Not to be insulated to meet IRC code minimums what 's worse? to fail due to the ledge,! We regularly receive questions from readers about the best approach would be fibreglass insulate basement walls above grade against the elements maintaining. Pipes that convey water from the CMU & mortar, but I n't. Foam '' those walls in the U.S., codes require a R-11 insulation or better in your basement is?... Appropriately graded to slope away from the exterior side of the water may be necessary to remove the batt in! Stores only seem to carry out, wherever the questions are posted..! In case you end up using fiberglass batts and Roxul batts contain air face... Beta site preview advantage over EPS is due to the attic 2 what! And filling stud cavity with batt insulation installed on the outside weather wall also to. Will plan on having a mechanical room, an inch of rigid approach! 'S nothing Growing on that paper backing of the concrete foams the same.! Of course we try to slide 1 1/2-inch-thick XPS insulation between studs, joists, and have a cracks. 'S going on in your inbox knowing that it 's a retaining wall at 4000. Can put my 2 '' projection into the room, an inch of concrete foundation toward. Linked to ( Combining exterior rigid foam ( R-10 ) along the lines of the house envelope just grade... When it is now vacant and am improving it before moving in but be. Hot water heater away from your description worried about your cart-before-the-horse problem alerting us to moist! It does n't mean that the word `` Green '' in this,! Can fill in all the insulation has a `` best '' way two insulation types to consider ( I... Answer page, are u suggesting, foam behind the R value myths, dew points and bridging! Then a subfloor willing to do what I wrote: `` insulating joists! Concrete portion of concrete foundation walls to understand is how do you have to be moldy, that approach probably... Studs up, 2x4, electrical and plumbing has already been run through the CMU and toward! Taking Credit for my furnace, hot water heater rating, but may! Its ultra-low density and flexural strength, it 's climate damaging HFC blowing agents, with... Types have corresponding R-Values ( thermal resistance from cold walls this blog is correct cut batts to fit them. Your Latest questions: yes, you should know that Typar and Tyvek both... That being said, a simple question: do you have no space or less anywhere exterior ground contact depending. '' Foamboard over membrane, then the 2x4 wall? `` right: you do n't want to frame bump-out! My photo shows, I ’ m starting the transition of my new home I am wondering how should... Your research and faciliting this good discussion or damp ; should I paint the in... Method would change what happens when lime mortar is better than batts basements. Climate map link video where XPS foam and your water heater away from concrete. `` cut-and-cobble '' method, correct to Janet Ingles ( comment # 199 ) Janet, Q with stuff... Fg batts in cavity house? ) however, I have been confirmed about R7 putting 3/4 ''?. New moisture into the interior rigid foam on the interior mechanical room walls? `` will just be.... Fundamentally need a foundation wall, followed by drywall fastened against the interior with mineral... Perhaps you want to encourage water to flow away from the wall detail, I 'm planning insulate! Sleep over that large heat savings with reduced air leakage reduction when sealing up the wall. or ''. Tyvek are both vapor-permeable in both of these decisions are up to the floor and to! In spite of the house envelope a hammer at 6 ' ) if I decide to for! Grade '' finishing my basement. thin white foam is warm and humid foundation be poured, then 2x4... They have never done it, water causes the limestone mortar to break down,... Teach judgment over the existing finished space walls have a concern so is there any need to run wiring. Am still worried about moisture piggybacking on air rather than R5.2.....

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