Franklin Automation designs, manufactures, and integrates automated machines for a variety of industries in which quality, reliability, and exceptional service are mandatory. Automation empowers companies engaged in all types of manufacturing, assembly, and processing to increase the speed and quality of their production while at the same time reducing costs. Even if the possibility of automation has never been considered; many customers are surprised at the variety of instances in which production process can be improved by automation.

In addition to our core services including: design, manufacture, and integration; Franklin Automation provides pre- and post-sales consultation, training, and world class customer service throughout the life of your equipment.

While we have worked with a diverse set of companies; most of our customers fall into one or more of the following industry categories. However, please note that if your industry does not fall into one of these categories, we are still interested in looking into your application and providing best solutions.

Brush Machinery
Cosmetic and Decorating
Medical & Dental Device
Integrated Packaging Systems

All of these industries have the common need for the design and manufacture of high-quality automated machinery with extremely low error rates and high levels of consistency. At Franklin Automation, we hold ourselves to the highest standards: we guarantee to provide our customers innovative machinery that is designed and built with a passion for excellence. We also promise to provide machine concepts and designs that best fit the needs and budget of your operation.