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For more than 25 years, Franklin Automation has stood for reliability, precision technology and sophisticated innovation. The constantly increasing demands made by our customers are the motor that drives our passion for success. What was once a small “ma and pa” operation has since grown into a full-fledged organization with multiple divisions providing a wide range of industrial solutions for manufacturers throughout North America. Collectively The Franklin Group includes Franklin Automation, My-Lin Fabricating and the Franklin Trade Group.

Franklin Automation designs and manufactures custom automation providing reliable, efficient, and innovative industrial assembly machines and inspection machines. Our automation customers include both highly automated manufacturers with fully developed specifications as well as smaller companies that are looking for step by step guidance from an experienced machine building professional. In either case, Franklin Automation will use its 25 years of assembly automation experience to provide the best custom engineered machine solutions to fulfill your requirements…on time and in budget.

My-Lin Fabricating has been a leading supplier of manufacturing and fabrication services for various industries throughout North America since 1961. Our production team utilizes highly automated software to efficiently manage the quoting, scheduling and production of jobs. This automated process combined with our preventive maintenance program assures that our machines are running efficiently and that orders are processed and delivered accurately and on schedule. For a full description of our fabricating services please review our website at

The Franklin Trade Group represents a collection of European Packaging and Brush industry machinery manufacturers throughout the US and Canada. For a full list of companies represented along with details of their products and services please review our website at

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