When developing automated systems certain processes might be too complex to justify developing handling automation from scratch. In these cases robotics often provides flexible and efficient handling solutions. Industrial robots are available in a wide variety of styles including Cartesian, SCARA, and Multi-axis arms; Franklin has the experience to recommend and integrate any style of robot into your process. Compared with custom solutions, robots provide an additional level of flexibility that allows for easy integration of changes to products or tasks. This flexibility also permits robots to further optimize your investment by combining tasks and functions of multiple elements within a system. Furthermore, technological advances and wide acceptance of robots in manufacturing have reduced the cost to deliver, integrate and maintain robots as part of your manufacturing system.

Franklin Automation has experience delivering robotic cells in a large variety of applications, including:

-High-precision active alignment assembly
-Material handling; tray pack or unpack
-Material handling linking continuous motion and asynchronous equipment
-Injection mold tending / Insert Loading
-Vision-guided pick and place and parts feeding

Franklin Automation is an official integrator of robotics with experience programming and integrating several leading platforms including Epson, Fanuc, Intelligent Actuator, Kuka, Motoman and Yamaha.