Assembly Systems

There are many different styles of assembly systems to select from, when developing a custom solution for your assembly project. At Franklin Automation, we have over 25 years of experience in selecting best platforms providing customers with the most cost efficient and productive assembly systems. To this end, our engineering team evaluates each project individually based on a number of factors including complexity of assembly, number of components, annual production requirements, and cycle time requirements in order to recommend the most appropriate assembly system platform

Work Station Assembly Systems are ideal for lower volume and complex assemblies with either several components or more complex hard to feed components.

Rotary Dial Machines are very popular assembly systems for higher volume, less complex products that include only a few components of which most or all can be automatically fed.

In-Line assembly systems are ideal for higher volume production of assemblies with several components and/or assembly operations. Automated assembly systems are ideal for integration with other production and/or packaging lines so components can be automatically fed.

Power and Free Assembly Systems are excellent for combining longer cycle time operations with shorter cycle time operations as well as for integrating assembly operations with other downstream automation and/or packaging lines.

assembly systems